10 Crazy Bikes You’ll Want To Ride As Soon As You See Them

2. Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid

Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid

The future of city commuting will definitely change once Schaeffler’s concept four-wheeler will become the main transport. Designed as a one-seater, this 33-inch wide vehicle is 78 inches long and weighs 174 pounds. The Bio-Hybrid is a 4-wheeler, but can still drive in the bike lane as it’s electric- powered and can also be pedalled like a usual bicycle. Schaeffler is planning to make the vehicle even lighter and more portable by using recyclable composite materials. The Bio-Hybrid is powered by two 500-watt batteries and can go over 60 miles at its limited top speed of 16 mph, although it can be raised to 28 mph if the legal framework would allow it. Share on Facebook to see what other people think about these crazy bikes!