10 Crazy Bikes You’ll Want To Ride As Soon As You See Them

3. Halfbike-2


Just as the name suggests, Halfbike is part bike amd part Segway that rides on three wheels and can fold into a compact shape. While boasting more than enough wheels, you’ll be surprised to find no seat at all! Halfbike-2 is a unique vehicle designed for getting around cities in a fast and easy way. While Halfbike’s creators would never suggest you should get this bike and throw away your fun trustworthy pedal bicycle, this new vehicle has more than a few advantages that will make you want to ride it right now. Halfbike-2 is slightly over 1 meter long and can be folded in half for transportation or when taking a bus. Its frame is made from aluminium, which makes it light in weight – just 18 pounds. It’s ideal for traveling around the city! If you liked the new redesigned Halfbike-2, the next bike will definitely become your favorite.