10 Crazy Bikes You’ll Want To Ride As Soon As You See Them

7. Yerka


Bicycle-owners can finally forget about bike-thefts – with the new Yerka those days are over! The new ‘unstealable bike’ boasts a cutting edge lock technology that takes just a few seconds to use, a relatively light weight of 26 pounds, and Shimano Nexus Gears for increased liability. So how does the lock work? The locking mechanism is directly connected to the frame, so if a thief tries to steel your new shiny Yerka he’ll have to damage the frame of the bicycle and that neglects the whole point of stealing a bike. When the frame of the bike is in locking position, the crankset gets blocked too! Even if a thief damages the structure your bicycle was secured to, he still won’t be able to ride the bike. Yerka also features high security disc-style cylinder and a keyway protected by a reinforced collar. If you like this amazing bike, make sure your Facebook friends find out about it!