10 Crazy Bikes You’ll Want To Ride As Soon As You See Them

8. Swincar


Although this amazing ‘bike’ is not technically a bicycle, we just couldn’t leave it out of the list. Created by three friends from France – Pascal Rambaud, Jerome Arsac, and Thierry James, the Swincar quadricycle required 8 years of development and testing. This 4-wheeler electric ‘spider-car’ can conquer any terrain by tilting like you’ve never seen it before. Its wheels can go up, down and even diagonally to conquer some vicious ditches! While it’s technically superb, the vehicle also looks absolutely crazy, resembling an actual spider with its long legs. Swincar can handle extreme gradients, while hydraulically-actuated braking and steering make it agile, quick and flexible when it comes to rough situations. Want to see more crazy bikes? The next one will be even more bonkers!