10 Crazy Bikes You’ll Want To Ride As Soon As You See Them

10. GinzVelo


What do inventors do when two wheels aren’t nearly enough, but four are far too many? They invent a crazy bike packed with cutting edge tech that has only three of them! This sit-down tricycle looks like nothing we’ve seen before, but its futuristic design is not the only thing that makes it so special.GinzVelo’s 500-watt motor will take you on a ride of up to 100 miles at 20 mph – all that on a single charge! Of course, pedalling is available as well. GinzVelo also rocks a special fiberglass pod that protects the rider from the elements while driving. It’s a vehicle that will keep you both dry and safe on the road. Think GinzVelo is a crazy bicycle? Wait till you see the rest of them!