10 Crazy Bikes You’ll Want To Ride As Soon As You See Them

10. GinzVelo


What do inventors do when two wheels aren’t nearly enough, but four are far too many? They invent a crazy bike packed with cutting edge tech that has only three of them! This sit-down tricycle looks like nothing we’ve seen before, but its futuristic design is not the only thing that makes it so special.GinzVelo’s 500-watt motor will take you on a ride of up to 100 miles at 20 mph – all that on a single charge! Of course, pedalling is available as well. GinzVelo also rocks a special fiberglass pod that protects the rider from the elements while driving. It’s a vehicle that will keep you both dry and safe on the road. Think GinzVelo is a crazy bicycle? Wait till you see the rest of them!

9. Bionic Runner

Bionic Runner

Did you ever think you can actually run a bicycle? It appears you can! If you are a fan of both running and cycling, you’ll be glad to hear that engineer Steve Cranitch and prolific bike-builder Dr. Henry Thomas have invented the Bionic Runner. Its patented mechanism is designed to put an end to all kinds of runner’s injuries by perfectly simulating the timing and motion of real running. In addition, it far outperforms old-school training devices like Eliptigo. With an 8-speed internal gear hub, the Bionic Runner performs well on almost any terrain. It also has front and rear brakes for when you need to stop into a halt immediately. It is completely foldable for easy transportation.

8. Swincar


Although this amazing ‘bike’ is not technically a bicycle, we just couldn’t leave it out of the list. Created by three friends from France – Pascal Rambaud, Jerome Arsac, and Thierry James, the Swincar quadricycle required 8 years of development and testing. This 4-wheeler electric ‘spider-car’ can conquer any terrain by tilting like you’ve never seen it before. Its wheels can go up, down and even diagonally to conquer some vicious ditches! While it’s technically superb, the vehicle also looks absolutely crazy, resembling an actual spider with its long legs. Swincar can handle extreme gradients, while hydraulically-actuated braking and steering make it agile, quick and flexible when it comes to rough situations. Want to see more crazy bikes? The next one will be even more bonkers!

7. Yerka


Bicycle-owners can finally forget about bike-thefts – with the new Yerka those days are over! The new ‘unstealable bike’ boasts a cutting edge lock technology that takes just a few seconds to use, a relatively light weight of 26 pounds, and Shimano Nexus Gears for increased liability. So how does the lock work? The locking mechanism is directly connected to the frame, so if a thief tries to steel your new shiny Yerka he’ll have to damage the frame of the bicycle and that neglects the whole point of stealing a bike. When the frame of the bike is in locking position, the crankset gets blocked too! Even if a thief damages the structure your bicycle was secured to, he still won’t be able to ride the bike. Yerka also features high security disc-style cylinder and a keyway protected by a reinforced collar. If you like this amazing bike, make sure your Facebook friends find out about it!

6. Greyp


If you want something that’s half electric bicycle and half motorcycle, then you definitely need to check out the new Greyp bike by Rimac Automobili. This Croatia-based company specializes on creating world’s fastest electric cars, so they made sure their new bike was agile and speedy as well. Although the bike has pedals, its electric 12 kilowatt motor can get you running with the speed of up to 50 mph, and some say it’s not the limit! The new model, Greyp G12S went even further and can cover the distance of 120 km, while developing the speeds of more than 70 mph. The bicycle is fingerprint activated, has an interface that provides info on consumption, speed, temperatures, and various riding modes that allow using both pedalling and motor, ride Greyp G12S like a motorcycle, or use pedalling alone. The next bicycle is even more impressive!

5. Paravelo Flying Bike

Paravelo Flying Bike

Over the years some really crazy vehicles have been invented, and occasionally they could actually work! Paravelo Flying Bike is one of those insane bikes that will take you up in the air where you can parasail your way around like a bird flying in the sky. Created by the English XploreAir company, the Paravelo is a single-speed aluminium bicycle with a strong, yet lightweight aluminium airframe trailer that’s connected from behind. Attached to the bike’s frame is 3-blade propeller powered by a biofuel-burning 22-horse- power engine. It can take you up to 4,000 feet high and develop speeds of about 25 mph. In the air you control the bike via the parasail attached to it. It’s not as fast on the ground, though, and travels at the relaxing speed of 15 mph.

4. YikeBike


Meet YikeBike, the world’s smallest (and possibly weirdest) fully electric bike that is both super light and foldable. YikeBike creators wanted to make a stylish, yet compact electric two-wheeler, and they did a great job! You can take this bike anywhere you go as it can be folded into one piece that is so small it could actually fit into a backpack. With a 9 mile range, this neat little bike can go with a speed of 14 mph on full charge. YikeBike weighs around 30 pounds and takes 1.5 hours to charge. The bike comes in a variety of colors and can be equipped with a 3 rd will for greater comfort. If you like the new YikeBike let your Facebook friends know about it!

3. Halfbike-2


Just as the name suggests, Halfbike is part bike amd part Segway that rides on three wheels and can fold into a compact shape. While boasting more than enough wheels, you’ll be surprised to find no seat at all! Halfbike-2 is a unique vehicle designed for getting around cities in a fast and easy way. While Halfbike’s creators would never suggest you should get this bike and throw away your fun trustworthy pedal bicycle, this new vehicle has more than a few advantages that will make you want to ride it right now. Halfbike-2 is slightly over 1 meter long and can be folded in half for transportation or when taking a bus. Its frame is made from aluminium, which makes it light in weight – just 18 pounds. It’s ideal for traveling around the city! If you liked the new redesigned Halfbike-2, the next bike will definitely become your favorite.

2. Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid

Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid

The future of city commuting will definitely change once Schaeffler’s concept four-wheeler will become the main transport. Designed as a one-seater, this 33-inch wide vehicle is 78 inches long and weighs 174 pounds. The Bio-Hybrid is a 4-wheeler, but can still drive in the bike lane as it’s electric- powered and can also be pedalled like a usual bicycle. Schaeffler is planning to make the vehicle even lighter and more portable by using recyclable composite materials. The Bio-Hybrid is powered by two 500-watt batteries and can go over 60 miles at its limited top speed of 16 mph, although it can be raised to 28 mph if the legal framework would allow it. Share on Facebook to see what other people think about these crazy bikes!

1. Leaux Trike

Leaux Trike

Obviously tricycles for adults are a thing now, and with the new Leaux Trike taking over the Kickstarter right now – it’s no wonder! Leaux Trike is a racing bicycle, so be prepared to do a considerable amount of pedalling if you want to roll as fast as possible. Yet it’s absolutely fun as you are as low to the ground as you would be sitting in an actual racing car and have the stability of 3 wheels to go around as you please. With agility, stability, and speed, Leaux Trike allows you to drift, take tight corners and even spin 360 degrees! It’s a dream bicycle for both teens and adults. Think your friends would like this trike? Share it on Facebook!